Caltex RM 10 Fuel Gift winners 
We’re missing winners from our 10th Anniversary Campaign. 
If you’ve won a Caltex RM 10 Fuel Gift, and you are virtual B Infinite card holder and have not received your prize, please get in touch. 
We’ve tried to reach you but to no avail. If you’re a winner or think you might be one, please email with the following information:
  • Your B Infinite memberships number
  • Your full name
  • Your IC number
  • Your phone number 
  • Your shipping address 
Once we’ve verified you as a winner, we will send your Caltex RM10 Fuel Gift via mail. 
We can only hold your prize until 28th February 2021 so please get in touch by then. Otherwise we will have no choice but to expire and invalidate your prize. 
Meanwhile, congratulations once again and continue to enjoy all that B Infinite membership has to offer!