Brands Story
A Vision Of Creating Possibilities

It started with a man. A man who had a vision of bringing greater possibilities to Malaysia.

Tenaciously determined and committed to excellence, Tan Sri Dato Seri Vincent Tan started his Berjaya journey with a purpose. When he purchased Malaysia's McDonald franchise in 1980, he wanted to touch people's lives by bringing them possibilities they may never have imagined. Today, the Berjaya Corporation has businesses in so many industries that every Malaysian's life is touched in some way, every day, by this man's work.

Taking The Vision A Step Further

After 30 years of touching the lives of others, it was time for the company's vision and virtue to be propelled to even greater heights.

It was the golden age of digital technology, a time of groundbreaking findings and ever changing consumer trends in order to keep up with fast-paced society and to continue providing people with greater opportunities...

Berjaya evolved from being just a trading company to EMBRACING INNOVATION AS THE KEY TO CREATING EVEN GREATER VALUE.

Bringing It All Together In the Spirit of Innovation

B Infinite came to be created with the objective of bringing businesses and consumers together in an effort to create a world of diverse choices, B Infinite maintains Berjaya's founding principle of providing for others, and of always doing something bigger than ourselves - for the organisation, the community, and ultimately, the people.

Bringing It All Together TO THE POWER OF INFINITY

Taking the Berjaya vision and driving it further with digital innovation, B Infinite is now armed with the tools to explore even greater possibilities. Using the fast-paced and near-limitless digital and mobile platforms, the possibilities are now infinite.