Fuel up with Caltex and earn BPoints 
About Caltex
At B Infinite, we know you love rewards. Even more so when it comes to spending on essentials such as petrol. Thus we have built a partnership with Caltex, and as one of Malaysia’s premier customer loyalty card programs, we reward you every time you swipe your Journey Card at Caltex.

The Caltex Star, a symbol of quality, value and service, is also a constant reminder of the company’s commitment to its customers. To do the best to help its customers meet the needs of their journey.
Since 1936, Caltex has been on a journey with only one destination – the satisfaction of its customers. And with B Infinite, you stand to earn more rewards when you spend at Caltex.

Every Journey Is A Reward
In addition to convenient locations and clean facilities, you can enjoy a variety of F&B services such as Burger King & Chatime when filling petrol. At Caltex, you will experience the best fuel and petroleum products known for their quality and cleanliness. Caltex with Techron contains an all-new Clean & Glide Technology™ specially formulated to clean and protect your engine. Techron technology is available across all petrol grades and works molecule by molecule to prevent deposits from forming in vital engine components. It also removes unclean deposits commonly left behind by inferior fuel. Get a free Caltex Journey Card when fueling up at Caltex. You can also enjoy exclusive promotions and offers for Caltex Journey Card members only.

Points Anywhere
To earn points, swipe your BCard or Caltex JOURNEY™ card before pumping, or present your card during payment. Valid at all Caltex stations throughout Malaysia.

Rewards Everywhere
Redeem your BPoints for petrol or selected items purchased at Caltex convenience stores. Full and partial redemptions allowed. Your Points are as good as cash. Of course, BPoints earned at Caltex stations can also be redeem with B Infinite's participating Merchant Partners.
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