Trade with Rakuten Trade and earn BPoints 
About Rakuten Trade
Earn BPoints easily when you trade with Rakuten Trade.

How to earn BPoints?
  1. Sign up with Rakuten Trade (250 RT Pts)
  2. Deposit RM100 into your account within 5 business days (500 RT Pts)
  3. Make a successful trade within 10 business days (1,000 RT Pts)
  4. Share Transfer In from any other broker (500 RT Pts)
  5. Double your RT Points rewards if you open both a Cash Upfront and Contra Account with the same action on both accounts
  6. Refer a Friend (500 RT Pts)
  7. Convert RT Points to BPoints anytime (no minimum amount required)
  8. Redeem lifestyle options using BPoints

Note: 1 RT Point = 1 BPoint

Rakuten Trade is the first equity broker in Malaysia to offer:
COMPLETELY online account opening
- Approval within 2 hours*
- Lowest in town brokerage rates…so you have more funds to trade with, and a Japanese designed trading app to trade on Bursa Malaysia... app

Don't forget that Rakuten Trade points can be converted anytime into B Infinite points...point to point! So the next time you are headed to your favourite B Infinite merchant such as Lazada,Tealive,Starbucks, etc...don't forget to convert your Rakuten Trade points into B Infinite points as your purchase may just be on Rakuten Trade!

*T&C apply

About Rakuten Trade
Rakuten Trade Sdn Bhd ("Rakuten Trade"/楽天トレード) has been operating in Malaysia for almost a year and a half and is the country's first fully digital equities broker. It holds a restricted Capital Markets Services License. 
Earn POINTS whenever you interact with Rakuten Trade. 
1 Rakuten Trade (RT) Point = 1 Bpoint