RM1 = 1 BPoint 
About J Jay Pet Station
Specialising in small mammals such as rabbits, hamsters, chinchillas and guinea pigs, J Jay Pet Station is where you can find all the supplies you need for your little dearies.
1. Members are entitled to earn BPoints whenever they spend at Belive In Psychology PLT. Redemption is not possible at the moment.
2. BPoints will be credited into member’s B Infinite account following the period as below:

Points Rewarding Chart
3. B Infinite members are required to present the B Infinite Card to the merchant for points awarding entitlement.
4. BLoyalty Sdn Bhd and Belive In Psychology PLT reserve the rights to change the Terms and Conditions without prior notice.
5. For further enquiries, please contact enquiry@binfinite.com.my