B Infinite | Loyalty Program in Malaysia


Your BPoints are as good as CASH at participating outlets. Get started with just a minimum of 100 BPoints!

How Do I Redeem my BPoints for Cash?

Redeem your BPoints when paying your bill - Please note that pin is required when performing redemption and your BPoints cannot be exchanged solely for cash.

Full Redemption - Example

If you have 1,000 BPoints and the drink you want costs RM10, you can redeem your drink for FREE with 1,000 BPoints.

Partial Redemption - Example

If you have only 570 BPoints and the drink you want costs RM 10, you can use your entire 570 BPoints to redeem, then just add RM 4.30 cash to pay the balance. Partial redemption may not be applicable for all items. Eg: Online vouchers.

    Please note :
  • BPoints can only be redeemed after they have been credited into the members account upon submission of the relevant transaction by merchant.
  • BPoints expiry is 36 months after issuance (on a first in, first out basis).